Chest Guards

  • Chest Guard RIOT 05
    Chest Guard RIOT 05

    Protective chest guard with option of adding pockets for ballistic plates

Thigh Guard

  • Μηρών
  • Thigh Guards Riot 05/08
    Thigh Guards Riot 05/08

    Thigh guards with elastic fastening straps

Leg guards

  • Επικαλαμίδες
  • Leg Guards Riot 05/08
    Leg Guards Riot 05/08

    Leg guards with elastic and non-elastic fastening straps

Elbow and Forearm Guards

  • Προστατευτικά Αγκώνα
  • Elbow and Forearm Guards REF05
    Elbow and Forearm Guards REF05

    Elbow and forearm guards enable the wearer to fend off blows without the risk of injuries


  • Κράνη
  • MO 5006
    MO 5006

    Helmet for crowd control and law enforcement duties

Gas masks-filters

  • Φίλτρα
  • 3S-H-A

    Gas mask that can be attached without removing the helmet

  • 95 ABEK NBC
    95 ABEK NBC

    Multi-gas filter


  • Χειροπέδες
  • Hinged 5005
    Hinged 5005

    Handcuffs with hinges


  • Ασπίδες
  • Interlocking Riot
    Interlocking Riot

    Shield by design to create a strong wall

Handheld Flashlights

  • Φακοί
  • BLITZ  K12 THS0011
    BLITZ K12 THS0011

    11,600 lumens waterproof flashlight with fast recharge

  • BLITZ  K3 THS0021
    BLITZ K3 THS0021

    Easy-to-use waterproof flashlight with 3,000 lumens